How Do WAFs Work?

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WAFs inspect HTTP/HTTPS packets and filters malicious traffic

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What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)?

Web Application Firewalls inspect all incoming and outgoing web traffic and it intelligently blocks the potential web attacks before they reach your web server. WAFs carefully inspect all Application Layer (OSI Model Layer 7) traffic and only allow legitimate traffic through to a web server.

Benefits of WAFs:
  • Cleaner & safer network : mitigate major hacking incidents
  • Peace of mind : always active security that works on the perimeter
  • Performance : security that doesn’t affect performance or incur latency issues
  • Compliance : satisfy PCI-DSS requirement 6.6

Enterprise Level Security - Detect, Protect & Thrive

QatarCloud is the perfect solution for the users concerned about website security. QatarCloud secures your website through its premium offerings like web application firewall, DDoS protection and SSL certificate. QatarCloud blocks the web attacks with complete accuracy and it is trusted by the industry leaders. QatarCloud is one of the most explicit web application firewalls (WAF) in the market that not just detects the known attacks but it can also block the unknown and modified attacks with the lowest false positive rate.

Your website needs to be safeguarded from the changing and advanced cyber threats. QatarCloud’s intelligent web application firewall protects your website from the known attacks with highest precision and from the unknown attacks as well. This web application firewall is capable of blocking all types of web attacks with complete accuracy through the logic based analysis detection technology. QatarCloud also analyses the traffic to your website for malicious behavior with unique detection methods like ‘Semantic analysis’ and ‘Heuristic analysis’. QatarCloud works with the principle that better security cannot be provided through higher walls but through smarter gateways.

Apart from detecting and blocking the malicious traffic to your website, QatarCloud also provides free SSL certificates that safeguard and encrypt the communication between all the website visitors and the web server. You are entitled to get free SSL certificates if your website is added to QatarCloud. The process of getting an SSL certificate or an ‘HTTPS’ for your website usually starts with a verification process in order to prove your domain ownership.

After this, you have to manually upload the SSL certificate files to your web server. All the processes like domain validation, certificate installation and SSL certificate renewal are automated by QatarCloud.

Compare QatarCloud with Others

Features QatarCloud Incapsula Cloudflare
DDoS Protection Free 299 200
SSL Support Free 59 Free
Custom SSL Free 299 200
OWASP Core Rule Set Free 59 20
Login Protection Free Free 200
PCI – Certified Free 59 200
Logic based WAF Free 59 -
Report Free Enterprise -

Why You Should Choose CodeGuard Backup?

Most WAF vendors utilize an open source WAF engine called ModSecurity (which has no GUI). These vendors typically build a front facing user interface or dashboard and only add basic signatures or pattern matching rules on top of ModSecurity. This can be an issue for a variety of reasons since pattern matching only relies on known attacks or attacks that have already happened in the past. This makes users vulnerable to modified web attacks or even unknown or new attacks. QatarCloud completely flips the script in terms of security technology with its patented logic analysis engine. This intelligent engine automates the web attack detection process by utilizing more behavioral symptoms of malicious attacks (QatarCloud don't only rely on pattern matching).

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